Saturday, June 16, 2018

To My Dearest Person I've Met, Thank You

In your life,
You have met many people.
From there, you would love to keep some of them in very special place in your heart.
You treasured them the most.
You loving them as part of your family (right after your family of course).
You feel like incomplete without them sometimes.
You sad if they are gone.

To my dearest people that I met in my life,
Thank you for your existence.
I will always keep thanking God, for these paths of our meeting.
I have become a whole introvert person from an ambivert person as I grew up.
Meeting new people, suffocate me,
starting a conversation, troubled me,
Hating unknown/new people without reason, that's me.
But you, you are the one who found me in the dark.
Your existence comfort me, thank you.

You guys rock my life.

- Jay ❤️

Sunday, July 10, 2016


I'm broken inside.
Trying to find myself.
Couldn't reach to the deepest part of myself.
What's that empty space and howl sounds from my heart?

Being left alone.
It's fine.

Does anyone knew how does it feel?
Alone. Hurt. Broken.

💔 - Jay